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The Pro-Lift G-737 is a garage jack that facilitates speedy lifting, and is extremely easy to use. The product comes in a universal grey color, and an amazing design that is instantly appealing to the eye.

This garage jack adds to the garage at work or even at home and is a worthy collection among your other equipment and tools.

This garage jack is available online, is easy to use, and it can be stored effortlessly. The Pro-lift G-737 is the ultimate product that would not only smarten your garage, but do the job it was intended to do.


  • Rubber saddle
  • Universal joint release mechanism
  • A rolled side frame
  • A pair of rear swivels casters
  • Magnetic tool tray
  • Foam handle
  • Sleek design
  • Easily storable
  • Available online
  • Easy maintenance
  • Universal grey color
  • Hydraulic mechanism
  • 2-year warranty

Specifications (in inches)

  • Mechanism: Hydraulic type
  • Weight: 89.10 lbs.
  • Lift type: Floor
  • Collapsed height: 5”
  • Total height: 6.89”
  • Length of handle: 50.5”
  • Total width: 15.95”


This garage jack is one of the essential items you should have in your garage. Here’s why:

  • The rubble saddle protects the vehicle while you are working with the jack itself.
  • Magnetic tool tray available with this tray is convenient for keeping smaller tools in one place
  • Foam handles provide an excellent support while pumping, along with a sturdy support.
  • Professional grade rolled side frames add support to steady the jack while pumping.
  • Weight capacity of this jack is approximately 7,000 lbs., making it very efficient in lifting heavy and bulky objects.
  • Meets all of the ANSI/ PALD requirements.
  • Universal joint release mechanism helps you effortlessly release load at any handle position.
  • Extremely easy to use and comes with a step-by-step, easy-to-follow guidebook.
  • Rear swivel casters further facilitate efficient, as well as accurate positioning of the jack itself.


Though the product has been greatly liked by a number of customers, it still has some negatives. If these cons are corrected, the product value would rise even higher than what it is at present.

  • Comes only in the standard grey color. Other colors may have suited a wider range of consumer tastes and preferences.
  • The product design is not open to much customization or personalization.
  • It cannot carry more than 7,000 lbs. in total.
  • There are no particular certification and listings available for the product.
  • Only the classic 2-year warranty is provided by the distributors.

Product quality

The customers are so far, very satisfied with this garage jack, in aspects of size, design, portability, and storage. The product has an average overall rating of around 6.5 to 7 stars out of 10.

With the hydraulic mechanism, the classic sleek design and 7,000 lb. weight lifting capacity, this garage jack has won quite a lot of good reviews. The customers have very little to complain about, except for a few reasons such as the product color.

There is a 2-year warranty period issued for this garage jack by amazon.com and other sellers that is quite satisfactory for the consumers.


The garage lift is pretty common equipment that most garages need to have. With the existence of the product on the market for a long time, there is bound to be some tough competition out there. Here we provide you a comparison of some of the top garage jacks out there and reasons as to why ours is the best.

The Hein-Werner Heavy Duty Service Jack is one of the best garage jacks available on the market. It has an extremely strong pump base and is durable with good product quality and a very high rating among the users. The only problem is its price, which sometimes hinders its sale and competitiveness in the market.

USATNM Steel Heavy Duty Floor Jack lifts heavy loads in about just 3 or 4 pumps. It is efficient and easy to use, though may require some level of force and pressure by the user. It has a two piece knurled aluminum handle that ensures a very firm grip during pumping and working. Again, the only factor limiting its use is the price that makes it difficult for most users to purchase and use it economically.

The Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack is a garage jack that features dual pumping capability, rapid lifting, and a universal joint mechanism. A safety valve in this jack also prevents overloading and crashing. Most of the features in this jack are also present in the Pro-lift G737.

Though these jacks have many special features that increase their market value, our product tends to have a more efficient, as well as economic outlook towards consumer use and convenience. The Pro-lift G737 can be easily stored in your garage.


This garage jack is a floor type product. It is designed not only with a sleek and sophisticated look, but also for the comfort of the user, during work. The product design ensures that the item lifted too is not harmed in any way.

It has a sleek and efficient design, with an additional mechanical tray that makes work and long duration tasks easier to perform. This product also has a high review rate on several sites, and when compared to other floor type garage jacks on the market, comes out to be the eventual winner.

The special features including the roller paired swivels which add support and stability to the jack while working, while other features like the plastic foam handles provide a nice and steady grip on the jack while performing any kind of work with it.



Как сделать регистрацию в одноклассниках

Как сделать регистрацию в одноклассниках

Как сделать регистрацию в одноклассниках

Как сделать регистрацию в одноклассниках

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